Photo – Shots In The Rain

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While shooting on a sunny day is nice, I also love shooting in “bad” weather. I’ve photographed in rain, lightning storms, snow, wind, fog, blowing dust and sand and more. All of these weather conditions really add an interesting element to your photographs.

knot hole
55mm / 1/80 / f/11 / ISO 200 / Tripod used

As long as you have the proper clothes to protect yourself, and covering for your gear, you can have a great time.

These photos were taken near Snowbowl in Flagstaff, Arizona. It had been raining before we got there, and rained off and on all day.

split log
55mm / 1/100 / f/5.6 / ISO 200 / Tripod used

The only scary part of the day was when a large aspen tree fell. We heard it snapping branches on other trees as it fell, followed by a loud thud as it crashed onto the ground. We never did find the tree, but it was close. Nature always keeps things interesting, so stay on your toes.

leaf on a log
51mm / 1/80 / f/5.6 / ISO 200 / Tripod used

Equipment used:

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