Photo – Bird Of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise flower with sunset sky.
Canon Rebel T5i / Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS at 57mm / 1/1600 / f/4 / ISO 100 / Hand Held / Sky added using ON1 Photo RAW

Hi Everyone,

I took this image at Laguna Beach, California. The Bird of Paradise was in a planter next to the sidewalk.

I processed the image in ON1 Photo RAW by running it through the NoNoise AI, and adjusting things like contrast, highlights, midtones, whites, vibrance and saturation. I now use ON1 instead of Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom.

Bird of Paradise flower.
Image adjusted for the flower. Now to replace the sky.

When I was done, the flower looked great, but the flat blue sky wasn’t to my liking. So I used the Sky Swap AI in ON1 and dropped in a nice cloudy sky at sunset. This module does a great job of selecting the sky, but there are adjustments you can make if you want to change the original look and placement of the new sky.

When doing composites, you want to make sure the light on all the layers is coming from the same direction. Since the flower was lit from the right, the sky had to be lit on the right. Fortunately it was, but Sky Swap AI lets you flip the sky horizontally, and make other adjustments. I could have easily made the light for the sky come from the left.

With the sky added, the photo really came to life, and I was very happy with the end results.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Check out On1 Photo RAW.

Have Fun,

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