Old Spring Houses

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Here you can see two of the several old spring houses made by early settlers along the Lamar Haines trail in Flagstaff, Arizona. There is one on every spring in the area. The openings used to be covered by a door. Settlers would create them to keep the springs clean by preventing falling leaves and animals from getting into the water.

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While this was great for the settlers, it suddenly removed the water supply for the animals and insects. This would mean the animals, like deer, elk, rabbits and birds, would have to move elsewhere to find water. And the settlers wouldn’t have any animals to hunt for food.

The spring houses aren’t very large, and I would have a hard time fitting through the door. But you can usually reach the water without going inside.

The Lamar Haines trail is a very nice hike and we have taken it several times. If you know where to look, you can also find Native American pictographs. But be aware that parking is very limited.

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