Old School in Globe, Arizona

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Photographers have many different reasons to photograph something. Some record beautiful, or strange, places and things. Others like to make all kinds of photographs of people, and others use composites to bring their imagination into reality.

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One of the reasons I take photographs is to record history before it vanishes. Some of my photographs include giant Ponderosa Pines that have died, ancient Native American ruins and old buildings.

This photograph was taken in Globe, Arizona. It shows the Hill Street School that was built in 1920. It’s a beautiful old building with lots of broken windows that give it character. The image was taken several years ago, and I was planning to go back next year to take more photos of this gem. Then I saw on the news that the building was being completely renovated to provide 26 apartments for seniors.

While it’s nice that the building will be put to good use, it is one more historic building that is being renovated to look brand new.

But I have my photos, and the historic, and original, look of this building is preserved for future generations.

Why do you take photos? Post your answer in the comments below.

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