Mysterious Leaves

Hi Everyone,

I’m always looking for interesting things to photograph. Backgrounds, textures and interesting subjects can be found anywhere. The other day my wife and I were taking our evening walk, and in a neighbor’s yard I saw some interesting leaves on the ground. They were brown, with a dusting of white that almost looked like frost. They were also in interesting shapes, including twists and curls.

I grabbed a handful of leaves, brought them home and photographed a few of them in a Foldio 3 light tent. I had some nice graphic images, but I wanted something different, so I one of started playing with one of the photos in Smart Photo Editor. I bought this program many years ago and always have fun playing with it.

After trying many images, I came up with ten that I thought looked good. Here are a few of the images I created. I hope you like them.

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Let me know if you have any questions about the images or how I made them.

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Have Fun,