Always Look For Interesting Light

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I always keep an eye out for strange things that light does. It’s amazing how many unusual affects you can find.

I found this image at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. It’s one of their theaters. The blue light on the right is the sky seen through holes and slits in wooden boards that make up one of the walls. The gold color is the light coming through the boards, and hitting a stucco wall that’s pained a gold color. As the light from the wall gets further away from the stucco wall, the shape of the light get larger and less focused.

Lighting affects at the Renaissance Faire.
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I checked the theater several times that day until I saw this affect, then took the photo. When this shot was taken, the theater was empty, so I could photograph from several different locations. I was very happy with the results.

Let me know if you have any questions about the image or how I made it.

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