Photo – Tree At The Grand Canyon

Hi Everyone,

I created this photograph at the Grand Canyon. A couple of hours before sunset I scouted the area and found three places I wanted to shoot at sunset. Because I would only have about 15 minutes of shoot time, they had to be close together.

Canon Rebel XSi / Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens at 42mm / 1/50 / f/11 / ISO 400 / Tripod used

The tree was the last of the three places I wanted to shoot. I shot the first location, then grabbed my tripod and ran to the second location, then the last one.

To get to the proper vantage point was a little tricky as there was only a narrow dirt path that led to it. This path was covered in tiny rocks, which made it slippery, and it sloped toward the Canyon. Slip on the rocks, or get too close to the edge, and you would fall hundreds of feet into the Canyon. Oh, the crazy things photographers do to get a picture.

But I got the shot, and it’s been a popular photo in the gallery.

If you are faced with a dangerous situation when taking photos, always err on the side of caution. No photo is worth your life, or getting seriously injured.

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Have Fun,

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