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Free Wallpaper Calendars

wallpaper calendar

I hope you enjoy these wallpaper calendars that I created especially for you. I'll add a new wallpaper the last week of each month. These JPG images are 1280 x 800 pixels.

Tell your friends, heck, tell your enemies. Let everyone know about these free wallpapers.

You can use these images for personal use only, that is, for display on your personal computer. Please respect my copyright by not publishing the photograph on the web, transferring, printing or emailing the photograph. Thank you.

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January 2015 - Download Here

An unknown, cherry sized, fruit on a bush in Jerome, Arizona.


February 2015 - Download Here

A heron in the wetland area near Lake Mary, Flagstaff, Arizona.

I used to live in a condo in California that had a manmade stream running through the complex. This stream, which was just three feet from my patio, was filled with mosquito fish and pet goldfish that people no longer wanted. Some of the goldfish were 8" long. Often a Great Blue Heron would stand on my patio and watch for the fish to come by. When he saw one, it was dinner time.


March 2015 - Download Here

Near sunset at the Grand Canyon, this peak was illuminated while surrounded by a sea of shadow.


April 2015 - Download Here

Hummingbird Moth in a field of flowers at the Snow Bowl in Flagstaff, Arizona. These critters fly and hover just like a humming bird, and have no fear of people. This allowed me to get very close to them and take photographs.


May 2015 - Download Here

This is the old Jerome High School, with a great view of the Verde Valley and, in the distance, Sedona, Arizona.


June 2015 - Download Here

This is Colette Dessingue of Jamila Lotus. Colette, and the rest of the dancers and musicians, are a great belly dancing troupe that we watch every year at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.


July 2015 - Download Here

Honeybee coming in for a snack on a Prickly Poppy.


August 2014 - Download Here

After several days of rain, mushrooms popped up everywhere at the Lamar Haines Wildlife Area near Flagstaff. These tiny mushrooms were growing out of a fallen log.


September 2014 - Download Here

Sunset at the Grand Canyon always provides interesting lighting.


October 2014 - Download Here

I found these jugs hanging in an old building at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona.

To see more photographs of Jerome, and learn about its amazing history, check out my ebook "The Vanishing Old West - Jerome."


November 2014 - Download Here

Do you see the balancing boulder? I first spotted this several years ago in Sedona, and whenever I go by I'm glad to see that it's still there. I just hope I'm there to photograph it when it goes.


December 2014 - Download Here

The Red Rocks of Sedona after a snowstorm.

jeff colburn photography