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Featured Photographs

Wow, out here in Arizona it changed from winter to summer overnight. I went from sweatshirts and parka to T-shirts in one week. We are in the triple digits this week and may set a new record high on Wednesday. Enjoy these summer photos.

From My Imagination

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I’m a Nature photographer. Roaming around the Southwest I’m in awe of the beauty, wonder and power of the natural world. It’s these qualities that I capture, to both preserve and share with people.

I also create photographs that go beyond the normal world and show what I see in the landscape of my imagination.

Combining photographs, drawings, and image manipulation, I give people a glimpse of alternate worlds, and alternate realities. I build images unlike anything you have ever seen. I welcome you to take a journey through my world, to experience new realities and to see things as never before.

Seeing The World Differently

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With many of my images I look beyond the “straight shot” and create an image showing more than what is, but what may be. These images express an alternate way of looking at the world around us, to expand our creativity and imagination.

Join me, and peek behind the curtain to see more than you knew was there.

Nature And Things

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While in Nature, I often encounter Humanity’s ghosts of a time long past. Native American rock art, an old miner’s shack and rusting cars reveal themselves. I use photographs to preserve and share not only the beauty of Nature, but the silent echoes of human occupation and evolution. We cannot forget the gifts that Nature gives to use every day, just by existing. Or the sweat and blood that our predecessors used to lubricate the machinery of society.

Come journey with me, and experience the wonder of Nature, and the past of the Old West.