Limited Editions

Besides the Nature and Landscape photographs that I take, I also create photographs of places and things you will never find in reality. And these unique images are offered as Limited Editions of 10 prints and 3 artist’s proofs.

There are two categories of Limited Editons:

  • Internal Landscapes Of My Mind – Images that come from my imagination.
  • External Landscapes Of Nature – My landscape images, altered in unique ways.

I’m very excited to be working on these photographs, and I hope you enjoy them.

Have Fun,

Internal Landscapes Of My Mind

  • Blazing Tree – An ancient tree, flames and an expansive night sky. Three ancient and powerful aspects of nature coming together in one image.
  • Anticipating Journey’s End – We all come to the same end, unless your Count de Saint-Germain of course. This gentleman is contemplating the last grains of sand running out of the hourglass of his life.
  • Doorway To Enlightenment – She’s on the path of enlightenment. Over 15 images were combined to create this image. Printed by me on 13 x 19 inch archival photographic paper.
  • Fairies of Stonehenge – This is what happens at Stonehenge when no one is looking. I photographed this image of Stonehenge on film in the 1980’s. Printed by me on 13 x 19 inch archival photographic paper.

External Landscapes Of Nature

  • The Monolith – An amazing stone column on the edge of the Grand Canyon, with an approaching snow storm in the background. Commercially printed 20 x 30 inch giclee on canvas and mounted on Gatorboard.

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