Photo – Aspen In The Fog

Hi Everyone,

I don’t encounter fog very often in Arizona, so when I do I take as many photos as I can.

This photo was taken on the road that leads up to Snowbowl, a ski area near Flagstaff. Half way up the road we drove into light fog. We quickly parked and I grabbed my gear and ran a short distance up the road when I saw this.

I thought the composition was great as it could mean different things to different people. Some may see the large trees protecting the small yellow aspen, while others may see them threatening it. I just like the way the green aspens nicely framed the yellow one.

When I processed the image, I thought of making the yellow leaves very bright, but that  wouldn’t look right for an image in fog, so I left them a little muted.

I managed to take this photo, and one other, when suddenly the sun burned off the fog. I only had about fifteen minutes of fog before it was gone, but it was a great surprise.

Always be prepared to take advantage of any pleasant surprise that nature gives you.

I processed this image with ON1 Photo Raw. Check it out at

Have Fun,