Keep Your Hanging Art Safe From Theft

A business can invest a lot of time and money selecting photographs and paintings to hang on the office walls. This artwork makes an office more livable and presents a specific image to visiting clients. But it’s far too easy to have these pieces stolen. For example:

A while back, I was talking to a gallery owner. She told how one day a prospective client came in and asked her about a piece located in the back of the gallery. When she was all the way in the back, a man ran into the front door, took a painting from the wall and ran out. As he climbed into a waiting pickup truck, the man in the store ran out. He jumped into the bed of the truck and it sped off.

Although she had insurance, she spent hours dealing with the insurance company, waiting for a check and paying the artist. She also didn’t get her full commission because the insurance company didn’t compensate her for the full price of the artwork.

Another time, I was working at a large company with 24/7 security, including roaming security guards. One night, five pieces of art were taken from the walls of the main building. The next night, another three pieces were stolen. On night three a trap was set and the thief was… yes…, a security guard. He would take down the artwork late at night, exit a back door and pass them through the fence to his girlfriend. She’d put them into her car and drove off.

I helped the company find a vendor that supplied secure hanging systems that prevents artwork from being lifted off of the wall. In this case, a special screw was put into the wall, and a plate was attached to the picture frame. The plate had a maze-like pattern cut into it. If you didn’t know the pattern, you wouldn’t be able to remove the painting from the wall. Each plate came with a little map showing how to remove the artwork, and these “maps” were kept in the head of security’s office. After this system was implemented, there were no more thefts from any office on the property.

If you want to protect your investment and keep your pieces safe, there are easy ways to do this. You have many options to securely hang artwork in an office or other public space. These products range from expensive high-tech items to inexpensive mechanical devices. They are well worth their cost for the security they provide, and may even reduce what you pay for insurance.

To add security for your artwork, check out these products.

Using one of these products will let you sleep more soundly at night and may ruin a thief’s day.

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