How To Get More From Your Social Media Posts

Who your clients are will determine what kind of posts they want to see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. In my case, photographers want to see different topics than people and businesses that purchase photographs.

Personally, I don’t post what or where I eat, or shop, or any chores I’m driving around doing. I will show personal activities, but only the things that relate to my business.

I’ll show photos of:

  • Photography equipment I just purchased.
  • Me shooting on location.
  • Me at the gallery in Jerome for the monthly Art Walk.
  • Hiking adventures

Use your posts to create a relationship with clients, and to educate them on your products and services. Never show something, and assume that your followers will reach the conclusion you want them to. If I want people to look at one of my photographs and think that having this on their wall will be relaxing, I’ll say, “Imagine how relaxed this photograph will make you feel if you have it hanging in your office or home.” Lead your clients where you want them to go.

Another way to gain interest in postings is to make a sequence. For instance, show a process, from start to finish.

Let’s say I’m going to take photographs of leaves changing color. To create a sequence, I’d put one post up each day showing:

  1. Something interesting on the way to my shooting location. Possibly even the location from a distance, like a mountain with lots of patches of yellow.
  2. Photos of me setting up my equipment at different shooting locations. My wife takes these pictures of me.
  3. Photos from several locations that showed the overall scene I was photographing. Each image would look unique enough so you could easily tell they were from different places.
  4. Several of my favorite shots from the shoot.
  5. A photograph of me hanging the new photos in the gallery.

That gives me a week of posts and images from one project. You can do the same kind of thing for your product or service.

Taking clients through the steps of idea, creation, implementation and final results gives them a better understanding of your product, and how to use it. And show clients all the different ways they can use your products. If they know all the things your product can do, it increases your chance of a sale. All of this helps build a relationship, and people like to work with people they know and trust.

When trying to come up with post topics, ask yourself:

  • What problem can I solve for them?
  • How can I help them?
  • What’s interesting about my product or service?
  • What do I want people to know about my business?
  • What conclusions do I want people to reach about my product or service?

Think of all the interesting things that you want people to know, and then show it to them. This will bring you more clients who are educated about your business and who know what to expect from you.

Have Fun,